Bean Bag is the latest accessory that complements your trendy lifestyle and gives a new refreshing look to your house They are the frameless, stylish and comfortable alternative to your regular furniture and are fast replacing the old and out of fashion chairs and couches. And they cost a lot less than regular bulky furniture. Regular chairs and couches over time go flat, however bean bags rarely goes flat, and even if it does, all you have to do is top up with filling.

By far, the best piece of ergonomic furniture you could ask for is a bean bag chair.The unrestricted freedom of motion they provide can help reduce strain on the muscles and joints that you may experience from sitting in a regular chair for long hours during work. It can alleviate headaches, backaches and joint aches, as well as relieve stresses. They also provide a much more comfortable seating alternative for persons with neck or back discomfort. A larger chair can provide a nice comfortable “bed” to stretch out on, something not readily possible with a regular chair or couch. Bean bags are scientifically proven to have a calming effect on hyperactive kids and therapeutic for those suffering from joint and muscle problems.They are helpful in relieving back and muscle pain. They provide ergonomic support to the entire body and not just your back. You don’t have to be concerned about your child’s posture while he or she is watching TV or gaming.

This also makes them the perfect chair for pregnant women, who often find it difficult to sit in a regular chair comfortably as they approach their later trimesters of pregnancy. Beanbags are also great for relaxing during post-pregnancy and are a popular choice for nursing mothers who want more flexibility in positioning themselves and their baby during feedings.

Bean bag furniture has become well known in recent years for its benefit to autistic children. The unique design and texture are a low-cost therapeutic option for autistic children with sensory processing difficulties. They provide just enough weight for a good weight-bearing exercise tool for an autistic child to use for weight-lifting with his arms or legs. The inner components of a beanbag allows for sensory feedback during weight-training exercises.

They also provide an excellent seating option for autistic children with poor muscle tone or who suffer from hypotonia, an ailment characterized by muscle weakness resulting from a combination of muscle and neurological disorders. Many autistic children like to use two beanbag chairs, one to sit on and one across their torso. The combination of the gentle weight and continuous sensory feedback provides a relaxing and comforting environment for an autistic child to center his/her emotions and organize his/her thoughts.

Most of all its cool, trendy and light-weight. Carry them to almost any place you wish without any help from others. So next time you go to the beach or party in your lawn, carry your bean bag with you.

Bean bag chairs are great for kid’s room, schools, day-cares, parties , college dorms, apartments, basements and provide extra seating wherever it is necessary.

Many online and ‘Big Box Stores’ offer cheaper products, however, cheap and low quality chairs are more likely to puncture, leak, or go flat.

We carry wide range of colours, and sizes that vary from infants to teens and adults.

Besides chairs, we carry love seats, couches, recliners, gaming recliners, loungers, campers, giant pillows, etc.

Come and visit us and invest in trendy modern furniture.

Welcome to the exclusive Bean Bag Store where you can see, feel and test before buying.

Resource: http://goo.gl/96RIOy


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